How To Be Smart And Show Others That You Are

There’s a difference between being smart and showing people that you are smart. Everyone wants others to think highly of their intelligence, but trying too hard to do it can actually have the opposite effect. Below, Anand Mishra LinkedIn has given us a few tips on how you can be smart and show others that you are.

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Listen Carefully

You don’t know everything. Acting like you knows everything will only prevent you from learning more about the world. Put your ego aside when other people are talking and listen to what they have to say. Sometimes they won’t have a lot of new information for you, but other times they will. You never know until you take the time to listen to them.

Add To The Conversation, But Don’t Take It Over

Even though you may be an expert on the topic that people are talking about, that doesn’t give you the right to completely take over the conversation. Doing so will turn a lot of people off. Even if you have brilliant things to say, they will not appreciate what you are telling them as much because of your intrusive approach. Instead, don’t be so quick to dominate the conversation. Sit back and only interject when you have something to contribute to the conversation. Listen to what others have to say and consider their statements before you interrupt them.

Read And Listen To Audiobooks

If you want to become a smarter person, there is no better way to do it than to read. There are millions of books on thousands of different subjects. There is no end to the amount of knowledge there is to take in. You can get through even more books by listening to audiobooks. You can play these audiobooks while you are driving or doing other activities so that you can continue to gain more knowledge even while you are busy doing other things.


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