Understanding Effective KPI Digital Marketing for Your Business

Whether you manage a large company or operate a small business, you have probably heard of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) digital marketing. Just as the name implies, it’s an accurate method that you can use to track your marketing progress. Online marketing KPIs help businesses get a gist of where their marketing campaigns are at. We’ll show you how to be effective in KPI Digital Marketing so that you can help your business flourish.

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Types of KPI

When we talk about KPI, it’s usually under broad strokes. The truth is, KPI digital marketing is an umbrella term for a host of different metrics. These metrics can be used to track different things.

We’ll list some of the most common ones below:

Cost Per Click

CPC or Cost Per Click is a KPI metric used frequently for direct sponsorship and ad campaigns. It tracks the number of clicks in contrast to the total cost of the ad campaign itself.

Cost Per Action

CPA or Cost Per Action is another KPI metric. It is similar to CPC, but instead of clicks, it measures a specific action. This can include anything from filling a form, subscribing to a newsletter and signing up for a service. It tracks the total average cost of the action you set out to achieve.

Click Through Rate

CTR or Click Through Rate is another common metric. It measures the clicks on the ad divided by the total number of impressions.


When a person is subjected to an ad, they are a lead that can be turned into a potential customer. A good number of leads are important to a successful ad campaign.

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate tracks just how many leads were converted into customers. It helps gauge the success of an ad campaign.


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